27 January 2009

Inappropriate Bathroom Humor?

I apologize for the glare and that I cut off the right side of the placard, but you've seen this warning many times and know its content. This one was in a Deli/Restaurant. What surprised me and forced me to get out my camera was that it was posted on the inside door of the men's room!
Poor, bumbling hubby, (Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, Homer Simpson, etc.), learning for the first time that his pregnant wife shouldn't be consuming alcohol, tells her she can't finish her drink...
That's when I need to have my camera ready!


Anonymous said...

In Texas, it is the law that these warnings are posted in both bathrooms. I questioned, before I was
made aware of that, the management of
the On The Border restaurants about
why they had a warning for women in the men's room.

Greybeard said...

Enlightening, Anon.
I took that pic while I was in San Antonio for Hurricane Ike.
That explains it then...
It's just our "Nanny State" taking care of us.
How long before the "trans-fat" warnings appear?
And when can we expect the "Obesity Is Detrimental To Your Health" warnings?

texasnana said...

You were in SA during Ike and did not call us?!!!~~~ gggrrhhh *Ü*