31 January 2009

Where Is FEMA?

Millions now without power going into the second week.
Old people are freezing to death.

President Obama's response? He turns up his thermostat!
His excuse? He's from Hawaii!
(What happened to the Chicago A.C.O.R.N. guy?)

Let 'em eat cake?
Where's the media outrage? C'mon guys... fair is fair, and this ain't!

The Anchoress says it better, and in more detail!

Sorry, I can't resist!!:


texasnana said...

Man, those people are serious! You know, no matter what happens, it will be Bush's fault. LOL. We have had record cold and power outages too - fortunately, we live in a state that responds pretty quickly. When the ice hit the biggest plea was for citizens to stay off the roads - smart considering southerners cannot navigate ice very well - although the transplanted yankees aren't much better - whether on dry or ice (smile). Come on spring!

texasnana said...

He may have started out in Hawaii but that man lived in Chicago long enough to withstand the cold. Give me a break.

Andrea Shea King said...

The creator of this strip -- Chris Muir -- will be a guest on my radio program Thursday night -- 2/5. Hope you can join us. 9 pm ET