30 January 2009

Yeah, It's Been Cold...

"Mighty chilly in this shop. And I still don't have all the snow cleared from the pathway to the house... got some more shoveling to do when I get this heater started.
Thank goodness for this little heater. It ain't much, but it's all I have to knock the edge off the chill. At least it warms things enough so I can take my gloves off and do detail work.

Doggone it..
That tank is empty! Boy, that sure didn't seem to last long. And the price of propane has been imitating gasoline prices, so it'll probably be more expensive to refill that sucker. Oh well, what else can a guy do?
Switch over to the extra tank... gotta remember that threads on these propane tanks are opposite from normal fittings- 'Lefty tighty, Righty loosey'. Wrench on the fitting, good and tight... Turn on the valve so I can relight the pilot and get the heat re-started.

What's that hissing?
Darn! Is that fitting cross-threaded? I'll have to shut things down and start all over again to try to make it right.
But first, I need to light a cigarette.

And that's how we met "Bob".
Bob's a nice man.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he has a few bad habits, but still, a nice man.
You'll be pleased to know, he'll spend a few months in the burn unit, but he'll survive.
No "Darwin Award" for Bob!


jinksto said...

So close and yet...

cj said...

GB, you crack me up with the way you tell stories that really shouldn't be funny...


Louise Sutherland said...

What a great Blog! Big things drawn from mundane things as only a perspective through the lenses of retrospect can weave.

Louise Sutherland
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