10 June 2005

Viet Nam Snacks

"Here Greybeard, take my picture when I tell ya...."

And Warrant Officer Moe handed me his polaroid camera.
In his hand he held a can of "French's" Shoestring Potatoes.

The opening in the can was just slightly too small for a man to insert his hand.
Moe turned the label so the brand could easily be read, stuck his hand in top, made a terrible grimacing face, and said, "Okay, now!"

"Click........buzz", and out came the picture.

Moe then wrote a letter to French's.........

"Dear French's,
After a long day flying here in Viet Nam, there is nothing I look forward to more than returning to my quarters and enjoying a can of your wonderful shoestring potatoes with an ice cold beverage!
They are a tasty, quality product!

I do, however have one complaint........
My hands are too large to fit into the opening in the top of the can.
(Please see enclosed photo.)
I waste a small percentage of product from each can because I cannot reach it through the small opening!
Can you make the opening larger?"

He then signed the letter, included the picture, and sent it to the address listed on the can.

Two weeks later, a large package came from French's with this letter:

"Dear W01 Moe:
Thank you for pointing out what is obviously a serious problem with our packaging!
We immediately turned your letter over to our research and development people for review.
After much study and research, they think they have come up with a solution to your dilemma:
Extend your left hand out, palm up, about waist high.
Grasp the can of our product with your right hand, and carefully invert it over your left palm until a satisfactory amount of shoestring potatoes comes out.
Repeat as necessary until the can is empty.

The French's Company

P.S. Everyone here got the biggest laugh out of your letter.........we thank you for your attention, and your service!
Enclosed, please find a case of French's Shoestring Potatoes.
We hope you enjoy them!"

And Moe was nice enough to share!

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