30 June 2005

Embarrassing Sara Jean

Last evening we went to eat Chinese again. The restaurant closes after lunch, then re-opens at 5 P.M. for dinner. We arrived before they opened for the evening crowd, so we had time to kill and walked along the mall.

One of the shops in the mall is "The Cash Store".
Obviously, it is a short-term, high interest loan outfit.
But the name........."The Cash Store"!

I like "Cash"!
And here is a store that specializes in it!

So as we walked by, I opened the door and popped in.........
From behind a counter, three heads popped up: two female and one male.

"How can we help you?"

"I'd like to know how much cash I can get for $100?"

Puzzled look on the face of the one that offered help, followed by puzzled glances between the three..........
"Excuse me?"

"This IS 'The Cash Store', isn't it?"


"Then how much cash can I get for $100?"

Mind you, I'm smiling........but they don't know if I'm kidding, or just daft!

More confused glances.......

"It's a joke, folks!"

........Smiles all around. Giggles from the gals.

Sara Jean is red faced, shaking her head.

What fun!


medicmom said...

LOL....You are a hoot!

Greybeard said...

Hi gal!
I've missed you!
Stay in touch!