19 June 2005


When is an apology not an apology?

This is an example of an apology:

"I said a really stupid thing, and reflecting on how stupid I was, I realize I hurt a bunch of folks, maybe even got a few killed. For that I am truly sorry. I have learned from my mistake and will not do it again."

Now, the non-apology:

"I'm sorry if anyone was offended by my remarks. I realize now that my comments could have been misunderstood by some not-so-smart people."

I'm talking about Richard (DICK!) Durbin and Jane Fonda here.

As a Viet Nam veteran, I could easily hate Jane Fonda.

I don't.

I think she was a chameleon that took on the colors of whatever man she happened to have in her life at the time, and her man at the time of the "anti-aircraft gun in North Viet Nam" incident was liberal "bomb thrower" Tom Hayden.

And although she issued us a "non-apology", I forgive her.
She's a lightweight.
She doesn't know any better.

Durbin is another story. His impolitic speech starts us down the path of the "self fulfilling prophecy" that some Democrats seem to look forward to.........Iraq as Viet Nam!

I received an email from a loved one last week with this comment: "Bush has us in an unwinnable war."

Well, folks, Iraq is NOT like Viet Nam, unless we allow ourselve to be drawn into this negative "cut our losses and run" mentality!

I would agree she is correct in one sense........we cannot win the war in Iraq..........by ourselves. But we can insure Iraqi forces are strengthened enough to take on terrorists and win it, with our support.

Viet Nam vets know this better than anyone else. In spite of negative comments from Democrats and major news media sources, we see progress in Iraq that is spreading throughout the Middle East!

We will not allow naysayers to deny these gains, nor put our troops at risk by aiding and abetting the enemy. (Watch how veterans vote in the '06 elections!)

In the meantime, Let's hope we hear a genuine apology from the misguided Senator from Illinois!

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