09 June 2005

Uninsured Americans

We continually hear the bleat about people having no medical insurance. We are headed inexorably toward socialized medicine in the U.S..

In the E.R. in most U.S. hospitals you will see a sign that informs you that the facility must give you treatment to stabilize your problem, then either treat you, or transfer you to a facility that can properly treat you. No one in the U.S. can be turned away for lack of ability to pay!

Nevertheless, I believe we will see our system socialized within the next ten years. When that happens, we'll probably follow the model set by the U.K..

David Asman, news anchor for Fox News, recently had first-hand experience with medicine in London when his wife suffered a stroke there. The link will take you to an article sharing his experience with that system, and the U.S. system when he returned here. It's an objective article, pointing out advantages and disadvantages in both systems.

I think it's worth your time:


UPDATE......RELATED, from that great Canadian system........
Here's where we're headed.
If you have the money, you'll get great, immediate treatment.
If not, wait in line, in pain, for a year!
The link:

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