13 June 2005

Old Cars

In my garage, an old Corvette resides.
It's more than 30 years old.
Under the hood.......the biggest engine ever put into a Corvette.

When Big Bubba was born, I had no idea he would separate me from this car. But when he got his driver's license, my insurance company notified me I could continue to drive the old "plastic pig" if I would simply submit $2000 premium for 6 months coverage!

The car has been dormant in the garage for years.

Vettes don't really fall into the "exotic" category because at their heart, they are Chevrolets. They can be bought for less than half the cost of cars in their class.

But they are still "performance" cars, and you don't see them all that frequently.....particularly the older ones.

While I was still driving my car, folks would pull up next to me and flash me a "thumbs up". It looks great, and has the engine displacement displayed on the hood, so discerning folks know this car is a rare version amongst other Vettes of the same vintage.

My first date with Sara Jean happened in the Vette. She loved riding in it.........enjoyed the attention it attracted.........couldn't wait to drive it!

One day, with proper instructions on what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do, I let her drive it to work.

She didn't ask to drive the car again!

We take for granted how wonderful our newer cars are today. Quiet, comfortable riding, great radio, air conditioned, intermittent windshield wipers, six-way heated seats!

The old Vette rides like a Log truck, creaks and complains over rough roads, is noisy enough that the radio is background noise.

On your best behavior, it gets 13 miles to the gallon on PREMIUM gas!

I love going to car shows to see old and custom cars and talk with the folks that lovingly restore and care for them. But when you see a nice '57 Chevy convertible, remember that it came with an AM radio, and when you started uphill, the vacuum windshield wipers would quit when you needed them most! Driving older cars is work!

As they get older and more valuable, these cars become less and less practical to drive. Our 30+ year old Vette is probably now in that category. When Big Bubba finally moves out from under our roof, I'll have a decision to make.

But by then, I may be able to buy a new Vette for what the old "Big Block" will bring!

(Ssshhhh! Don't let it hear that!)

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