20 June 2005

Gitmo again

It's all the talk on NPR this morning.

I have a question for those that think we should close the prison there........

Why are you not petitioning to have it in your back yard?

Start today!

Question #2..........

Have you seen the video of Nick Berg being beheaded?
"OH NO, I don't think I could stand to watch!"

I've seen it. Anyone that could do that to another human being is pure EVIL.

I would argue you cannot know the full character of our enemy until you have seen that video in full! It's impossible to discuss the issue of the war intelligently until you really know what we are dealing with.

It's available on the internet.
Go now.......
watch it in it's entirety.

When you're done, come back and we'll have an informed, intelligent discussion!

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