05 June 2005

The New Car, Part II

Disappointment. That's what we felt.

We thought we had made a deal. We were excited about bringing the beautiful demonstrator home, and felt cheated that the dealer had reneged on the agreement.

More and more, we were concerned about driving the poor old wagon. It wasn't dangerous, but it had nearly 200,000 miles on it, and we were concerned about it breathing its' last on some long trip.

Besides, we had gotten our hopes up for the new ride!

So, every day, I'd grab a newspaper and see what dealers in the area were offering. During October and November, prices of our chosen car stayed at the unaffordable level I had found when I initially checked on it.

Christmas came and went. We celebrated New Year's Day.

Then in late January, a dealer in a small town 30 minutes away began to advertise real deals on the car we were interested in!

Checking the mail one day, I found an envelope with a plastic container in it.
It was a sales promotion from this dealer.
In the plastic container was a key..........
"Bring this key to the dealership and open our lock, and choose any car on the lot for free!"

That evening, we went out to dinner, and afterward took the key to the dealership.

It didn't open the lock.

But when we expressed an interest in Sara Jean's "green" car, the salesman worked up a trade for the old wagon.

His initial offer, on a BRAND NEW CAR!, was $500 less than the previous dealer wanted for the demonstrator with 7000 miles on it!

I dickered and bargained for an hour or so, and we ended up signing a contract on EXACTLY the car we wanted!

They prepped it the next day and delivered it to us, then disappeared with our tired old Station Wagon.

That night we went out to the garage several times to just look at it and touch it.........shiny, wonderful, and with that distinctive smell!

But oddly, there was a downside.

No, I don't mean buyers remorse!

To be continued........

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