23 June 2005


As I write this, I'm as angry as I have been in years.

I just had a discussion with the outgoing pilot about the war.

This guy has never shot, or had a shot fired at him in anger......and he brought up the Viet Nam war.

Gasoline on an open flame.........

This guy voted for Kerry. That's all you need to know about him.

But here is the game plan folks, and I don't know how Teddy and his friends are gonna pull it off, unless we start drinking the same stuff, and the same amount Senator Kennedy drinks:

"We support our troops, but.......

The war is unwinnable. Bush has us involved in a quagmire. We need to set a date.....sooner is better than later, and bring our troops home."

Four thousand seven hundred folks dead, and what do we accomplish?

We teach the rest of the world that we have no stomach for defending ourselves.......come do it again!

In Viet Nam, the number was 58,000. Some were like brothers to me. When I have had too much of Teddy the lushes favorite brew, I'm sometimes reduced to tears about them.

I will fight like a Wolverine to insure that never happens again!

Put that in the bank!

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