16 June 2005

A Promise......

Comin' up now on two months of "Pitchpull", with at least one post every day!
I hope some of my posts have entertained, and educated.
I'm heartened by comments I receive from other bloggers.
Thank you Clint, Old Blind Dog, Aviatrix, and others I'm forgetting!

These folks write interesting aviation blogs.

Now an admission: I am a terrible procrastinator.
"Never do today what you can do in a crisis tomorrow!"

I want to start a blogroll and list these and other blogs I read and enjoy.
Some of the blogs are written by really experienced aviators........some are new students sharing their travails.
All of them have nuggets we can profit from reading and digesting.

So far, I have taken the easiest way, (and the only way I know), to link things for you to read. If you read other blogs, you know there is a cleaner, aesthetically nicer way to present links.
It entails learning a little "html" language.
I intend to learn how to do that, and I intend to have a blogroll of stuff I find interesting on this site soon.

Now I have to start learning/experimenting in order to learn the skill.

Please bear with me!


mike said...

Here is a great little tutorial from the HTML folks:

HTML Tutorial

Greybeard said...

Mike, why didn't I think of you in the first place?
Thanks, pal!
Now I'm brimming with confidence, instead of fearfully approaching the task!

Aviatrix said...

Or just click on one of the links to the right of your blog, the Edit-Me ones.

There's also Blogrolling, which keeps everything sorted. There's a link to it on my site. It's free.