30 September 2010

Jackboot World

This is happening MUCH too often these days.
I hope it gets painfully expensive for those who have forgotten they're supposed "To Protect and Serve."


cj said...

Okay, let's be careful here.

I've said my piece about video taping and the police - get use to it, be prepared for it or choose another job.


This case isn't, for me, about the video taping.

It is about a young man who felt he could ignore the orders of a police officer when told to leave a scene. It is about a young man who was screaming at the police while they were trying to control a suspect and the scene.

In short; he was interfering and running the risk of turning the scene into chaos.

I would've arrested him, too.


Greybeard said...

And you REALLY don't think the camera had any effect on the fact they felt the need "to control the crowd" CJ?
Will that be the new excuse?
"I needed to control the crowd."

My take:
Cops view should be that ALL citizens are armed, and ALL citizens are videotaping their actions.

And if you haven't done so already, read the comments at that link...
We are becoming a nation of sheep.

Rita said...

Our little suburb just lost a police officer last night by a hit and run driver.

Three officers were biking late at night getting in shape for some bike patrols the town was going to implement.

Some driver hit and killed one of our fine young officers and left the scene.

I know there are some bad cops out there, but lately it seems the news has been on the attack of our dedicated peace officers.

Two people I love dearly face danger every day they work and they lost their best friend in the line of duty 6 years ago.

Every profession has some bad people, but most police are hard working, dedicated people.

RIP Officer Phillips.

Greybeard said...

Without question Rita.
And Law Enforcement Officer's job across the board could be made much easier if the public trusted them as a whole.
Weed out the bad apples.

Rita said...

So we are all in agreement then.

The odd thing was that we had dropped off last evening our red SUV at a clean up shop that isn't in the best part of our little town. Bob got me a new(er) SUV so we removed the plate on our SUV and took it to put on my car since we hadn't yet transferred the new car plate in our name.

Apparently our little town police were on a mission to find the red car/suv that killed their fellow officer.

Parked along along a side street, on the lot of a "detail shop", our red SUV apparently attracted the attention of our suburban police and the detail shop owner found several police officers surrounding our vehicle looking for signs of damage, especially being suspicious without a license plate.

Thankfully, my nephew was driving my mother's truck and not our car this last weekend when he hit a deer in the road. The truck had a bit a damage, the nephew had none, the deer made it at least off the road, but we don't know if it lived.

Can you imagine the grilling we would have been going through tonight if he had been using our car when he hit the deer?

And I wouldn't have been blaming the cops at all for looking for someone that killed their friend and then drove away.

The officer had a wife and two young sons. I just read where some some woman is about to turn herself in to the police for the "accident".

No winners here.

cj said...

GB -

I'm sure the presence of the camera had a lot to do with the cop's need to 'control the crowd'.

Especially if the man behind the camera is screaming at the cops and making a difficult situation more difficult.

There are no details in the story to explain why the police were there in the first place but it sounds to me like a bar call.

Alcohol, students, possibly a fight.

Add an obnoxious jackass with a camera who leaves and then comes back and is screaming at the police?

Do you think he wasn't playing to the audience, trying to stir things up?

Again, I would've arrested him too.


Anonymous said...

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