22 September 2010

A Spot of T.E.A.?

Borrowed from The Old Man.


Bumps Stump said...

Hi GB . .

I'm beginning to see a problem ahead and wonder if you do too.

The TEA party really isn't ONE ORGANIZATION, it's an unguided movement without a center. Most of these groups claim Goldwater / Reagan / Gingrich credentials, but each has a different focus. There are now loosely organized grass roots based TEA parties going in most states.

Follow me here, I do have a point.
The RNC is a shambles of the mis-directed old guard whose only aim is to get and stay elected. If we rely on them to throw bones to the more conservative element, we may be surprised when no meat on the bones.

Commonsense Conservatives (The TEA Party's general thrust) are barely tolerated as part of the RNC. The way I see it, three things have to happen, and soon:

1. Individual TEA Party leaders need to come together as one voice and create a PLATFORM policy that all can support.

2. Real NATIONAL LEADERS must step to the plate, organize and focus TEA Parties on a policy statement (PLATFORM)they can support.

3. The old guard of the RNC must be pushed aside and reconfigured, with the TEA Party element of the GOP promoted as the major (not minor) influential group within the Republican Party.

If we don't start coming together, I think we may soon have a problem.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The problem is:

There is NO alternative.

Either we truly DO kick ass. . .

Or we completely PERISH and this nation is shunted down the drain.

It's THAT critical.


the golden horse said...

At it's worse the RNC is better than what we have now. We just have to concentrate on cleaning out OUR White House and start over. We have to make it loud and clear, they work for us and monitor with a heavy hand.