15 September 2010

By Popular Demand, Pizza Bike !

Things have changed dramatically since I quit riding 30 years ago-

A 1,000 cc. bike was considered a "large" bike then.

Now bikes half again that size are commonplace.

Blogfriend Tim Frazier has a Triumph displacing 2,300 cc's!

But Pizza Bike is actually bigger than I thought I wanted.

As with cars, bigger engines get poorer gas mileage.

I'm still hoping driven responsibly, Pizza Bike will get 50 mpg.

Regularly outings, (and more picture taking), will start in two weeks. I'll keep you posted on performance figures.


jinksto said...

Wow. That's sweet. Those fairing will be much appreciated later in the year.

Very well done sir.

cj said...

Gotta admit, she's awfully pretty... but 'pizza bike'? Did I miss why you're calling her that?


Greybeard said...

Okay CJ, I'll help ya out just this once.
But try to keep up with the rest of the team, okay?!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hey, that's a beautiful bike, sir. And thanks for the photographs! The photos themselves are excellent too, I should add.

I think you're gonna be VERY happy with that size and style.


Erik. said...


Maybe you have seen this already.




cj said...

Ah. Okay.

But now my secret's out.

I don't always read posts about bikes or cars all the way to the end.

Please don't hate me.


cary said...

Nice-a bike-a!

She sure looks like she wants to go for a long cruise ...

Anonymous said...


This note is for you, and isn't necessarily intended to be public. Whatever...
The SPIII was new when I found out Guzzis were still being made. My wife and I had sold our Eldorado when leaving Alaska in winter, 1978 because It couldn't be ridden Out in the winter, and no one would guarantee we'd receive it in one piece if they shipped it.

That was during the period when Berliner had gone away and no one was really supporting Guzzi, so they were hard to find. In the mid 1990s I found they were still around, and bought an early Convert to see if I really still wanted to ride. I now have a 1999 EV and a 1993 Strada, which is the base machine for the SPIII.

I hope you're really enjoying the SPIII, I have never seen a white one except your pictures. It looks wonderful!

Are you planning to attend the Lavigne rally this year? I intend to ride the EV, primarily because it has better provision for lashing duffle on the rear than the Strada has. For rides which do not have that consideration, I find the Strada is far and away my machine of choice.


Greybeard said...

Still riding Pizza Bike, Fred, and it's my bike of choice for solo trips less than five hours.
Best I can do, fuel mileage-wise is 43 or so.
But the bike has character, and I've never seen another Guzzi while I'm out riding, so I attract attention.
I'm not planning to attend any bike meets this year.
Maybe we can meet next year?