18 September 2010

Obama Creates Thousands of New Jobs!

And the people are ecstatic!


Crown-n-coke said...

even if we get this jackass out of office in 2012 it will take years to repair the damage that he has done to this nation.

camerapilot said...

Professional Politicians have become a cancer that has metastasized and we let it happen.
Speak your piece to the right people. Stop preaching to the choir and put your voice and vote out there.

the golden horse said...

I had my mail in vote in the mail so fast, your head would spin.
I am praying the silence we are hearing is due to the fact they are waiting until the elections and hopefully a majority to get this loser out of office.
One of the provisions for impeachment is mismanagement, well we certainly have that.
I think we can certainly add tyranny, and about 30 other things, like absolute disregard for the constitution he swore to uphold.
I think he knew all along he was a one term Pres. and wanted to do as much damage as possible. He has bigger fish to fry with the UN.
Just my guess.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

HEY, back off Jack! The CONGO obviously needs jobs worse than we do or THE ONE wouldn't have exported them! THINK about it, man --

Hell, the "poor" here aren't poor -- they have fat bellies and free clothes and iPods and cell phones and bling around their necks.


cj said...

Hey, did you see Glenn's show today about how we're capping wells here but funding the development of wells for Brazil - the same sort of well they won't let us drill?

Insanity has taken charge.