01 October 2010

"Field Grade" Weather

As "Company Grade" Officers it's a term we used to make fun of our superiors...
Our Field Grade Aviators would wait until there wasn't a cloud within 500 miles to come out and fly to meet their annual minimums. We're experiencing that kind of weather in the Midwest right now...
Clear skies, light winds, temps in the mid- 70's.

I received my Certificate of completion for my Motorcycle Safety Foundation course on Wednesday. This morning on my way home from work I stopped off at the DMV and showed them the certificate, handed over my operator's license and 10 smackeroos, and the nice lady there handed over a new license that says "Class D/M" at the bottom.

I called USAA last week to get insurance in force on the bike. They surprised me by punting me over to "Progressive Insurance" for the coverage, and I later called USAA back and complained about the fact that Progressive overwhelmingly supported Dimocrats in the last election and that I was unhappy doing business with them. Not surprisingly, the folks at USAA said others had said the same thing and they were reviewing their decision to insure MC's through Progressive. But as is almost always the case with USAA, the premium cost was LOW, so I went ahead and had them activate the policy. I'll stay on top of the situation and see if we can do business with a more favorable company next year.

But tonight I'll roll Pizza Bike out and drive it to work, insured and legal.
Perfect weather for the ride, and I probably won't even have to wash bugs off the windscreen.


Steve at the Pub said...

Did I read correctly?
$10 for a driving licence? (jealous)

Valid for how many years?

Greybeard said...

It was $10 to add the "M" license to my existing operator's license, Steve. As I recall, renewing the license last time set me back around $50. I'm due again in January and will let you know then.