20 October 2010


Do you ever feel like you're the steel ball in the pinball machine, your life being propelled, careening from one side of the playing field to the other, then back again?
That's me right now.

In less than two weeks Sara Jean and I are headed South. We'll go to Destin and spend a couple nights there, then head further South to get face-to-face with a "virtual" friend and sit almost underneath the smoke plume as the shuttle takes off on one of its last journeys into space. Afterwards we'll head back to Destin for a week or so of recreation before coming back to real life at home.
Considering that, I have a very small window to drive 10 hours round-trip to pick up my Honda Goldwing. That poses a problem:
They won't let me just write a check and drive off with the bike. They want CASH!
And that complicates matters.

I keep a small amount of money in a checking and savings account locally. Most of my funds are in a bank in San Antonio, Texas... and I do most of my banking online from accounts there. I can't remember the last time I actually took out a checkbook and wrote a check.

So today I had to do some financial gymnastics to get the cash so I can drive tomorrow, pick up the bike, and get it safely home before I'm once again spit from one side of this machine to another... lights flashing... bells, whistles and other noises making life interesting.
I juggled money from four accounts and have the necessary cash in hand. Friend Terry and I will make the trip to grab the bike tomorrow. Pictures will follow ASAP.

An aside-
My lead pilot and friend Mike owns a big Harley Cruiser. He loves it and rides it most every weekend. Discussing bikes this morning he chatted about the work he was planning to have done to his Hog...
He's gonna have engine work done to increase the bike's power to 120 horses.
That work will cost more than the TOTAL amount I paid for the Goldwing.
I'm not feeling too bad about my purchase right now!

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Timothy Frazier said...

Yeppers. It takes a lot of money to get the power out of a HD that you get right off the showroom floor with other brands.

And there's no contest when you put just about any cruiser V-twin up against any other engine configuration. They sacrifice a lot of power just to fit nicely in a bike frame and sound cool.

I reckon on top of that the style, heritage, and culture make up for it, but I still like my R3's 140 base HP and 170 ft/lbs of torque for about 60% of the price of a Road King. I bet you feel the same way about your Goldwing, and you have an even greater dollar to horsepower ratio.

Be safe gettin' 'er home. Wanna know what you be naming 'er. Pizza Bike and BB (my girl's name, stands for "Blood-n-Bone) are taken.