30 October 2010

Dateline Destin, Florida, 30 October 2010

Sara Jean had to work.
I needed a nap after my night shift.
With errands to run afterwards, we didn't leave home until after 4 P.M..
But to me that's fine... I was rested. Leaving that late puts us through three cities and their potential traffic problems post-rush hour. I actually prefer driving at night...
No glare. Less traffic on the Interstates. AM radio signals from far-away transmitters come in loud and clear. Sara Jean poured me a cuppa Joe then turned over and went to sleep in her seat with both dogs lying on a pillow on her lap. I smiled, tuned the radio to WOAI 1200 out of San Antonio and chuckled as Dennis Miller expounded on the upcoming elections.

Traffic was NO problem at all.
I drove 'neath an absolutely clear BRILLIANT-starry sky the entire trip!
We arrived Destin just after 2 A.M., and were in bed at three or so after walking the dogs and unloading the car. We both slept fine, but I have to remember the problems I have when I have a a cup of coffee and a beer just before bedding down. (Three trips... but the Master bedroom has an attached bath.)
I woke at 11 when SJ brought my morning cup.

It's 78 degrees and beautiful here. The Gulf is doing its normal thing...
This area is called "The Emerald Coast" for good reason.

I've been to Wally World and gotten the provisions.
We're getting ready to walk to Kenny D's for some Red Beans 'n Rice and a Blackened Mahi-Mahi salad.

Life is good. We're truly blessed.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Aren't we though?

I have to remind myself of that salient fact from time to time.


jinksto said...

Great post.