01 November 2010

Liars. Cheaters.

We caught 'em lying about George Bush's National Guard record.
We've marveled in their bias ever since.
Now a media outlet in Alaska (CBS AGAIN!!) tries to lie/cheat about Republican Senate Candidate Joe Miller.

In Delaware, a TV station conveniently "forgets" to run Republican Christine O'Donnell's political spots.
These people are despicable.
They are nasty.
Would you want them for your next-door-neighbor?
Why would you want to vote for them?


the golden horse said...

They are right up there with the DNC leader in one state that sent out fake notices about people's voting forms, telling them they haven't been heard from yet. Then having them redo them and sent to him in a self addressed envelope. He could be arrested and should.

Old NFO said...

It's not surprising that the dems are tying everything they can to steal the election, and the MSM is going along willingly...

Timothy Frazier said...

I fervently pray that one day the Republicans will receive a beating from the Libertarians like the one the Democrats are about to receive from Republicans.

That would be the biggest demoralizing blow ever dealt to the liberal national media.