16 November 2010

Open Note To The Airlines-

How badly do you want to stay in business?
Gauging the current furor I get the impression others feel as I do-
I WILL NOT go through TSA scanners.
I WILL NOT ALLOW TSA employees to grope my wife.

Want my business again?


Timothy Frazier said...

Preach it, Bro! That is exactly what inspired my latest post, "Fairness and Equality Gang Up, Liberty Beaten Unmercifully"

Rita said...

Maybe because I'm an old woman now and figure no one really cares anyway, I don't have an issue going through one of the see-all scanners, especially when I'm concealing my lucky toner cartridge under my blouse.

camerapilot said...

TSA is a ruse, vacant and gasping for authority and they are willing to do the ridiculous.
I have an ATP in the family. TSA demanded that he hand over his nail clipper. "But it's a great nail clipper, I need it, it's the best I ever had and I need it cause I'm flyin all over and I need things like this!" "TSA ruling is that you can not carry that onto an aircraft." "But I'm the pilot, I'm the one that drives the plane!" "I'm sorry sir we cannot allow..." "Okay, I got it! I can carry a pistol on the plane and into the cockpit but not a nail clipper, roger that!"

cj said...

You're aiming at the wrong folks, GB. TSA is the government, not the airlines. They aren't any happier with this mess than their passengers are.

Like one pilot said - I fly the plane. If I wanted to crash it, I could. Why do I need to be patted down?


the golden horse said...

And.....they are considering giving Muslim women a bye. WHAT? They can hide 10 canned hams under their burkas. And is it because of their religion? Well, then it is simple, we all just claim it is against our religion.

I got singled out among hundreds of fliers in IPLS last year. I looked around and I was the only one to go throught the scanner. This happens often, I know it is because our German name was mispelled during emigration many many years ago.

CP, I feel the pain of your family member, I too, lost a brand new, small nail clipper. I couldn't have hurt someone with it, if I tried. I turned around, after going through the checkpoint just in time to see the TSA employee look around and put it into her pocket.

Greybeard said...

CJ, the airlines have the prerogative to use private screeners to do this job. And believe me, they also have the political juice to get things changed in D.C. if they want.
My point is... they SHOULD WANT!

This unlawful and infuriating invasion of privacy is gonna impact their numbers and raise near-boiling tempers to bursting.
When they really start feeling the impact in their pocketbook, they'll get the changes the public is beginning to demand.

As Tim indicates at his blogpost, they must quit looking for weapons and start looking for terrorists.

hoosierboy said...

The problem is the airlines do not make money from the casual/vacation flyers. It is the business men and women who pay the high fares and fill the planes on a daily basis. We have no choice but to submit to the idiotic and intrusive security nonsense. It is easy to say I am not flying anymore, until you reaize you have no other choice to get to the west coast unless you want to spend three days driving or riding a train.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hoosierboy: videoconferencing. Saves both time and money. I recommended it and it was instituted in two businesses I confer with on a regular basis.

Screw the airlines and TSA. Let them fail. Nothing will change until the pocketbook is impacted or the political fallout is too hot to face.