08 November 2010

The "Non" Vacation?

We had high hopes.
We were going South to spend 10 days in Destin. While there we'd spend 48 hours going farther South to watch the historic (maybe last?) launch of Space Shuttle Discovery, then we'd come back to Destin, bring my Mom from Pensacola to do further Pelican studies, and as my friend Old Prairie Dog puts it... "unlax".
We were SO looking forward to the break...
In addition to her full-time job, Sara Jean has been helping care for a dying neighbor/friend.
I haven't had a true break from work since May.

But life conspired against us.
The launch was delayed one day before we could even get in the car.
Six hours into the 8 hour drive the next day we heard the news of the second launch delay.
The only true bright spot in all this is the fact that we met and LOVED Mary Lou and Dan, or new best friends from Titusville. We spent two wonderful nights with them, and their Dachshund "Buddy" was every bit the fabulous host to Lucy and Yogi that his owners were to us!
When they announced another delay in the launch schedule we gave up and returned to Destin, (and had to change a destroyed tire along the way.)

The next day I bought a replacement tire and drove to Pensacola to get Mom. We had a nice, but WAY TOO SHORT visit with her.
Saturdy morning at 0430 Sara Jean's cell phone rang.
No good news can come from a call at that hour.
Our friend Norma had finally lost her battle. That news weighed, (and weighs) heavily on us.

Ten days that surely didn't turn out as we wanted.
We're home safely, but...
We need another vacation.


Bob Barbanes said...

In Pcola and you didn't call? My, my... I'm sure we could've found a neutral corner to spill a beer in (or two).

cj said...

That's too bad, GB. Losing someone is always tough and what a cruddy way to end a vacation.


Radio Patriot said...

Your vacation is a metaphor for life itself. The "launch" of a space shuttle was just the vehicle by which God led you to meet kindred spirits.

I'm so glad you and Marylou and Dan connected. They've been friends of mine for more years than I care to admit, and when I say "friends", I mean that in the truest sense. We're blessed. Next time you're down here, I want to meet you and Sara Jean too. Praying it works out that way!