03 March 2009


A close friend sent me a link eulogizing Ed "Too Tall" Freeman.
Trying to find the video of Ed and Bruce Crandall discussing who was the best-ever helicopter pilot, I found this video. I always liked the song... the video is well done.
Thanks for the prompt Minette!


Di said...

Ed was a personal friend? I'm sorry for the loss. A great video and a beautiful tribute. (On another note, I have a grandmom who was a 'Freeman'...could we be related?! Nahh...but I appreciated the connection by name.)

Greybeard said...

I didn't know Ed, Di. We may have rubbed elbows at one of the Viet Nam Helicopter Pilot conventions without my even knowing it...
I've never met him. But the risks he and Bruce Crandall took during that action at the Ia Drang Valley equate to the bravery we saw exhibited by the men of the 8th Air Force during WWII... knowing the likelihood of being killed during the mission was VERY, VERY HIGH, yet they "pulled pitch" and flew out to help their countrymen in spite of that fact.
When my friend emailed the eulogy I responded, "I'm not worthy to carry Ed's thundermug".
... A true hero.