16 March 2009

At The Limit

The ship sank and you find yourself in a lifeboat full-to-overflowing. The sea is cold, but calm... good thing, because the weight of those in the boat has the gunwales perilously close to being overlapped. You pray the sea-state remains calm.
Now another passenger swims up and tries to hoist himself out of the life-sapping water. This simple act causes a near disaster... several gallons of water overflow into the boat.
So long as things don't change, you are safe. What do you do?

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the individual." (Didn't Mr. Spock say that when he saved the Enterprise crew from radiation exposure?)

For a while now, some economists have warned our national outgo will soon exceed our income. Entitlement programs have grown, and the number of people drawing from those funds will increase dramatically as we Baby Boomers age. We're paying a fortune to feed, educate, incarcerate, and provide health care for innumerable illegal immigrants. It's an untenable situation that politicians have ignored, postponing action until later.
Well "later" is here.

Let's assume the economists saying the U.S. was near-bankrupt two years ago were correct. What effect will come from President(?) Obama's doubling this debt load in two months? How far is the sea from overlapping the sides of our lifeboat?

Something's gotta give.
Seems to me the only questions are- how, and when.
I know how I think this will unfold and I'm buying insurance against that possibility.
I'd like to hear your prediction of how the future will unfold.


camerapilot said...

GB yes, the boat is too small and people here in CA. have drowned already.
It's a socioeconomic issue and of course here in Ca. being a Border State the politicians and subversive groups pull out the race card which then defeats any chance of resolve because now the issue has become emotional. The Feds jumped in and struck down Prop 187 even though 58.8 % voted for it....
A quick story-
Our daughter attended private and gifted magnate programs up until her final year of high school. She asked if she could attend the high school which is less than a 100 yards from our home. We told her to go for it so on the morning of registration she walked over and got in line. By the time she got to the desk to fill out a form she was told that the high school had reached its capacity, they had not anticipated the addition of several hundred undocumented children applying which left our child an American child without a school to attend. Two weeks later Los Angeles Unified School District found her a space at another school an hour drive away.
We went to home schooling after that. We lost our faith in the city after that one.
When it comes to politicians- "I'd rather face a man with an axe than a man with an idea."
Southern Ca. has become the New Third World and no state is immune. Better wake up and acknowledge that elephant standing in your living room, you only have moments left to react.

cary said...

I see the future - and the politicians are standing in the middle of a bunch of peeved citizens, all with weapons, and being told to get the h3ll out.

Shortly after, as the cordite clears, America re-emerges stronger than before.

Crown-n-coke said...

Let left have been buying votes for years. They also have voter breeding programs going. To keep themselves in power they will sell us all down the river and my party is afraid to say what the problems really are for fear of being labeled racist. I do a lot of driving everyday and used to listen to talk radio all my drivetime, hear lately I have been listening to more and more oldies radio. My nerves can only take so much.

Cissy Apple said...

I don't even listen to the news anymore. Damned media just loves to keep things going, and their yammering only serves to make things worse. Our country's been through many different types of storms since its birth, and we'll get through this one too.

The spoiled will just have to learn that they can no longer afford the daily trip to Starbucks and lunch at a classy restaurant every day. It'll just take them a bit longer than it does those of us that weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths.