10 March 2009

Ammunition Scarcity

I've been more than a little surprised at the difficulty I've encountered finding ammuniton for my new rifle. Yesterday I bit the bullet (Ha!) and placed an order for 1,000 rounds for the gun.
(It's back-ordered and won't be delivered until late April.) Buying in bulk that way lowers the price per round considerably, but with shipping and taxes it's still expensive... almost 50 cents per round!

If our President succeeds in convincing everyone the U.S. is a horrible place to conduct business and our economy collapses, you and I will need these things to survive:
Food, water, shelter, and money.
And by money, I don't mean greenbacks. The greenback dollar will be valuable only because they're made of paper and will be convenient for starting fires for cooking or heating.
In a collapse, "money" will be material things you have that others need. You'll use those things to acquire things they have that you need. Money will be stuff like excess food, gold, or ammunition. I'm gonna continue to buy ammunition as an insurance policy, along with extra canned goods. Sister Mommanurse suggested another good idea- powdered milk.

I did a little poking around tonight, still wondering about the ammunition shortage I have encountered. While investigating, I found this article, which pretty much verifies what I had heard from others. Two things surprised me about the article:
-Specifically mentioned is the bank robbery CJ alluded to as the pivotal incident that caused local police to make the decision to increase their firepower.

-Take a look at the date the entry was published... August 2007.

This problem has been ongoing now for at least 18 months with no end in sight.
I think I'll buy stock in Remington and Winchester!


camerapilot said...

Rice and honey can be stored in white plastic 5 gal. buckets will last for a very long time and a Dillon Reloading Press will keep your
rifle fed.
Another thought in regards to ammo. is give some thought to having a cache of .22LR. It's dirt cheap and highly underrated.

Greybeard said...

Thanks CP. What's great is that if all this turns out to be Chicken Little "Sky is falling" stuff, none of this stuff will go to waste. And I agree with your .22LR recommendation... I have a "Bucket O' Bullets" standing by.

Thanks too for your insights into Hollywood/West Coast stuff. It's nice to be made aware not everyone out there should be on my "list".
Your comments are truly appreciated.

cary said...

(one little word of advice, via my grandfather and my dad: never let 'em know how well armed you are or how well trained your dog is.)

cj said...

Well, I told you that was a wake up call for law enforcement...