06 March 2009

Daylight Saving Time

I got out of the Corporate AStar AS350 and into the EMS Bell LongRanger back in 1986. That first year I was working in October when we "Fall back", meaning I worked an hour for which I wasn't paid. Glad to have a job, I clenched my teeth, smiled a little, and made note of the unfairness of it.
We changed calendars, and I was off work when I could have been paid back that hour as we "Sprang Forward". I clenched my teeth, smiled a little, and made note of that too.

Now I'm in my 22nd year transporting the sick and injured. Keeping track of these annual time changes has become a frustrating experience... in the 22 years, I have worked the extra non-paid hour 18 times!
This weekend, believe it or not, will be the FIRST time in all those years I'll be paid for working an hour that disappears in an instant.
'Bout time!


Rita said...

I have never heard of such a thing. But then again I guess I never had to work over a time change.

I hate the DST, but I understand it from a business perspective (well not this one). I remember loving it as a kid because you could stay out so late in the summer. As an adult, not so much.

Rita said...

You would have thought this post would have triggered some spark of memory in me come Saturday night.

Nope, set the clock to get up for church. Husband asks when the alarm goes off something I can't understand.

I said, "It's 7, I set the alarm." He said, "For an hour?" or something like that. No idea what he's referring to.

Finally it dawns on me. Nope, too late now to make it to church.

I HATE this stuff.