08 March 2009

EMS Radio- Stuff That Irritates Me

While fling-winging over your head I'm listening to at least four radios-
Two of 'em are VHF aviation radios like all other pilots have in their aircraft.
One of 'em is a VHF/UHF radio tuned to our dispatch frequency.
Another is a VHF/UHF radio we use to talk to hospitals, Police, and various EMS agencies.
Needless to say, there are times when the radio traffic is overwhelming. But it's fun and interesting to listen to the frequency most EMS agencies use to talk to hospitals, and hear what sort of patients they are transporting. (Sometimes we hear calls regarding a patient that will obviously need our services later.)

But for those of you involved in EMS operations, there are some things that have become pet peeves...
Here are a few, (with my thoughts following) :

"We're lookin' at sinus tach. on the monitor."
Really? You're seein' that on the monitor?
Take a look at the O2 gauge. What rhythm do ya see there?

"Patient has a past history of an MI."
Past history? Interesting. What about the patient's future history? (That information would be much more valuable to the patient, wouldn't it?)

(This, from the receiving hospital.)
"Continue transport. Awaiting your arrival."
Continue transport?
Really? We thought we might drop this patient off at the Hooter's and go see if someone else needs our services more urgently! And please, don't just sit around and wait for us to arrive. Pick up a broom or mop and clean the place up while waiting for our arrival!

I feel better now.


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emily said...

I HATE hearing medics give report and say, "Chief complaint today is going to be _______."

SERIOUSLY? Is it, or isn't it? LOL