23 March 2009

Neighborhood Watch, On Steroids

I've been thinking about it so much lately I truly wonder if I'm a nut. I'm surrounded at work by like minds, so I may be surrounded by nuts, which only makes matters worse. I need to find an "objective" judge.

"Mike", my neighbor across the street is a really mild-mannered guy. Slight in build and quiet in speech, he's one of those guys who has no enemies. He mostly listens... but will share his thoughts when asked. I was walking Lucy when I saw him tending to his freshly tilled garden plot, so I detoured for a chat. Since he's not the type to broach the subject, I brought it up...

"Mike, how do you feel about what's goin' on in the economy?"
"We've not had a contract at work for four months now. The company is planning layoffs. We're all scared to death."

"I'm so sorry to hear that. What do you think will happen?"

Long story short, he's on the same page as me. Fearful of losing his job, he pointed out something I didn't know-
Three doors East of me my truck-driving neighbor allowed the bank to "take back" his over-the-road truck. He has a beautiful new Dodge Ram extended cab pickup and will allow the bank to "take it back" at the end of the month.
My neighbor next door to the West works for the same outfit as Mike, so he's in the same boat.
That means much of my neighborhood is on pins and needles.

"What are your plans, Mike?"
He pointed to the garden plot I had seen from the road, then pointed to two others behind his house I hadn't noticed...
"We're planning on canning beans, corn, peas, and tomatoes at the end of the year."
I told Mike about our garden plans, then mentioned my purchase of the M-1 carbine as an insurance policy. His expression changed.

"I've had a .357 Magnum pistol for years. A month ago I bought a lever-action rifle chambered for .357 ammunition... probably paid too much for it, but I can now buy .357 ammunition in bulk to use in both the rifle and pistol."
Before I left him, Mike and I discussed getting neighbors together and forming a sort of "Super Neighborhood Watch" if the economy continues to worsen.

So, am I paranoid?
Maybe. But if my neighbors are any indication, paranoia is nearly epidemic not only at my workplace, but also around my home.

Be prepared.


jinksto said...

Mentioned this to a few folks in an offhand way. They get really quiet and change the subject. So either they don't want me to know that they're stockpiling food and ammo or they're scared of the darkness looming.

Greybeard said...

What I didn't include in the post, Jinks, but probably should have:
Five houses East of us lives a Deputy Sheriff.
His wife was out of doors on this same "dog walk" so I also stopped to chat with her. They had just returned from a gun show over the weekend where they bought bulk ammo.
She said semi-automatic rifles were going out the door by the wheelbarrow load. She also said they were interested in talking about future "possibilities".
We live in interesting times.

camerapilot said...

"We must all hang together, gentleman....else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."
- Benjamin Franklin

the golden horse said...

Paranoid, I don't think so. Once they have taken the guns away, which will only be from law abiding people, it will be a free- for-all out there.
They need to look up and see what happened in Australia when the guns were taken away. Crime in some areas rose over 70%.
This administration is dead set on changing this country as we once knew her. They want us vulnerable and unable to defend our rights as they dissect her piece by piece.
Did you listen to Maxine Waters?
She made a huge error in letting it out.
What have they given us so far to make us want to trust them?
Paranoid GB, I don't think so, just on your toes.

cj said...

GB -

You know how I think.

I pray we are all paranoid and that this great country of ours can survive the next four years and repair the damage done.


I don't think we are.


cary said...

Paranoid, eh?

para from the Greek, Paramus, meaning a large number, or bunch;


noid from the Latin, meaning irritated.

Paranoid - a bunch of irritated folk...