12 March 2009


That huge little word.
IF... you think the economy is likely to get worse, MUCH worse before it gets better.
And IF... you think, as I do, that we are likely to face an extended period of inflation, similar to what we experienced in Carter1's administration...
The thing to do is buy things you know you will need, particularly the "big ticket" items, and buy them on credit. That way, you'll be paying those items off over time with $$$$ that have much less value than money has today.
Again, there's a great deal of talk about using "Smart Power" these days.
We need to be using it too!


Steve at the Pub said...

Provided you are able to keep up the interest payments, that is.

Hyperinflation will bring very high interest.

Greybeard said...

True Steve, but remember-
In hyperinflation the dollars you use to repay your loan will be worth MUCH MUCH less than the dollars you borrowed.
AND, you'll have the use of something you wanted while paying the loan back with those wimpier dollars.
(I don't remember interest rates changing dramatically on credit cards during Carter's administration, although Adjustable mortgages certainly did.)