11 February 2009

Wash Your Brain Out With This-

Paul Harvey coined the phrase I used as title for this post.
I hope you've seen my post "The list". If not, I've bumped it to just below this one, so go read it and the comments there, then come back here.

Reading my list, Blogpal
ThirdWaveDave had a memory tweak, and emailed with a link to Anna's post from a couple years back.
How in the world did you remember that, Dave?
(I'm glad you did!)

Go read, then comment...
How would the world be different if Hollywood returned to a 1941 attitude?


nec Timide said...

Your point is well taken.

I'll just point out that James Doohan was in the Royal Canadian Artillery and, I believe, landed at Juno beach.

Greybeard said...

Thanks NT. I think that fact is made clear way down the list of comments at Anna's post.
All who wear the uniform are at risk, and all deserve our respect and thanks.

Another of the comments to Anna's post went something like this:
"Here's a list of Hollywood stars who gave up their careers to serve in the military after 11 Sep 2001...
(Chirp, chirp, chirp...)"