26 February 2009

President Biden?

A friend emails and claims President Zero is, at present, defending himself against 42 lawsuits across the nation, all wanting to see the "Vault Copy" of his birth certificate.
Gosh... why would he spend all this money on legal fees when releasing the document would put all this to bed?
Vice President Biden... start studying.
(OH... MY... GOD. President Biden?)


Greybeard said...

First it was Brig. General "Nutjob" Jones,
Now it's Major General "Nutjob" Childers.
Man, the Nutjobs are coming out in force!
As a retired military officer, I'll be adding my name to that list as soon as I get home.

cj said...

I'm not so sure how I feel about this. I mean, I agree it's absolutely crazy that he won't just provide the documentation and shut people up. It leads a reasonable person to wonder if there is NO documentation...

But, what if there isn't? Do we really want to throw the country into that sort of mess? I doubt that the 52% of the country that voted for him will suddenly regain some common sense and agree he needs to be removed.

I hear one suggestion that should this be true, the easiest solution would be to allow him to serve out his term, deny him the ability to run for a second term and then enact law that requires future candidates to provide proof up front.

I'm not crazy about that either. If Obama isn't legally president, any and all law he enacts, if you ask me, is unconstitutional and would need to be over-turned.

It's a mess, and it's all been caused by Obama's stupidity.



I've always respected you, GB, but never as much as I do today.

Blessings to you and yours.

Greybeard said...

"...any and all law he enacts, if you ask me, is unconstitutional..."
Yeah CJ, there's that stupid Constitution again!
It requires him to be a natural born citizen, doesn't it? I'm sure he is qualified, right? So just pull out the necessary documentation!

Greybeard said...

Shucks Dave, you and Andrea are doin' the heavy lifting here! But thanks anyway man.

the golden horse said...

It's funny, when his name first came upon the radar over here, there was a quote from his Paternal Grandmother saying she was at his birth in Africa....then poof, you never saw or heard that quote again over here.
I don't think she realized exactly what was being opened up for later use, when she said that.
Remember this was said before he was the actual candidate, so it was still basically safe to be honest back then.
Then supposedly a so called birth certificate was shown, but there was no official seal.
Also, there has been more than one hospital named as the birth hospital here.
Would the good liberals of this state cover something up to save the status.....you bet.
Confusing, for sure.