09 February 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS Is What You Voted For!

Mr. Emmanuel, has anyone else commented on how much you resemble a rattlesnake?
And you realize, of course, that implementing your suggestion would deny Senator Ted Kennedy his second amendment rights, don't you?



Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I don't recall voting for Mr Emmanuel. He is chief of staff, not the executive. So his bone headed support for the TSA ( don't get me started ) no-fly list ( really, don't go there ) means little. I hope.


Rita said...

I guess I was misinformed. How many of the terrorists of 9/11 used guns to take over the planes? I thought they used box cutters. Who wants to contact ol' Emmy to tell him to regulate box cutters?

Ron said...

sigh.........my head won't stop spinning - add this to the so called press conference this evening - simply nauseating

wksaz said...

These people are treasonous, lying, enemies of freedom.

I love this country, enough that I would fight for her gladly....but not under this administration. I hope that re enlistments go down 50%. The current administration in Washington is nothing but a gang of thugs from the left side of the aisle. They are the antithesis of what this country stands for and was built on and I think they know it.

I am SERIOUSLY contemplating a move for my family to somewhere less volatile. Maybe New Zealand or Australia?????? I know they are rather socialist, but at least they admit it and take as good of care of the payers as the payees.
I've also heard that Singapore is a good place for Americans who wish to relocate. It has strong christian populations, is capitalistic in nature, wealthy, and very sophisticated.

If I must live in a Socialist system, then at least I would get something back for my toils. All I do here is pay pay pay. The memories of what this country used to be will haunt me forever I'm afraid.

At some point I must consider the future of my children. Better sooner than later. And to those that say "its still the best country in the world" (like my father) really should open your eyes and look around, because it is crumbling around you. What is it going to take? Does Rahm need to crumple up and torch the flag and the Bill of Rights on camera for you to get it? I do agree with this sentiment to some extent, but it is the drowsiness of the citizenry that bothers me the most.

There are millions of Chinese that think China is the best and most humanitarian place in the world as well. It is all about your perspective.

This madness in our government must be stopped and soon. I fear it will not be.....too bad.