15 February 2009

Insane Stimulus- Get Out Your Crystal Ball

The Congressional Budget Office indicates it (this monstrous stimulus) probably won't help our economy, and may in fact hinder its recovery.
I'm frightened, and want your counsel.
If this thing fails, as many of us think it will, what then?
What will "The Magic Negro" pull out of his hat to provide "opiate for the masses"?
I can think of a possibility that others like him have resorted to-

Start a war.


Bumps Stump said...

Greybeard . . .Hannity has a line for you: "Let not your heart be troubled". The stimulus is less than stimulating. No surprise. It's a prime example of greedy leaders stepping on their constituents. For shame. Mr. Obama's catastophe is upon us and I suspect he will feel the pain sooner than expected.

Everyone I talk to would like it to succeed - but - roundly condemns the billions and billions to be wasted on programs that should not receive a dime.

This terrible plan will be a useless drag on our economy for decades. Perhaps for centuries.

Why doesn't some spirited opposition examine each budget entry and ask:

(1) Why should the federal government address this issue?
(2) Is this issue a proper concern of the federal government according to the Constitution?
(3) By what authority does the federal government redistribute our tax money to this line item?
(4)This is to be an emergency, temporary stimulant plan to quickly create jobs, stem the tide of foreclosures, and get money back into the financial market. How, exactly, will each line item accomplish one or more of those purposes?


Greybeard said...

Thank you sir for the comfort.
And to your question-
"Why doesn't some spirited opposition examine each budget entry and ask..."
I think that WAS tried. The answer?
"I won."
And it's true, they did.
Buckle up.

cj said...

GB -

Scarier and scarier.

It took a war to end the Great Depression, my friend.



This great stimulas plan isn't about saving our economy. It's about something else, and I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Be scared, very scared.

wksaz said...

More angry than scared....

How dare these b*****ds think they can speak for me.

Sometimes I wish I was dumb, then I wouldn't actually understand what is happening.


the golden horse said...

Our Democratic Senator came on TV tonight and added that this stimulus will not be enough with the need for more to come. At least he admitted it.