05 February 2009

Personal Economic Stimulus-

Okay, we're being told massive spending will cure our economic ills, right?
Are you doing your part? Don't be selfish now... your neighbors are depending on you! That money you were thinking of putting in your IRA?
C'mon! Why are you so selfish?!!
Time for a re-think...
That's a good down payment on a crappy car made by a U.A.W. worker!

Well, I'm still paying off Big Bubba's college bills, and after paying those I have enough left over for the dollar menu at McDonald's.
Well, that's not REALLY true... I DID "pull the trigger" on a few purchases this past week-

My weight still is, and I guess always will be, a problem. I'm carrying about 15 extra pounds around my torso. Chatting with one of my sharper paramedics a few weeks ago produced a revelation-
My fat is hard. And I mean rock hard. If you poke my obviously slightly-too-large stomach, there's no "nerf ball" feel there. I carry my extra weight well. My paramedic says that is because my fat is beneath the layer of muscle tissue, and added something that got my attention:
Carrying fat that way is the worst... it's a big indicator for heart attacks. Ouch.

My crazy schedule makes healthy eating a near-impossibility. Exercise is the answer, but who has the time for that? Then it was time for me to have a revelation...
Last week I bought one of
these. I wear it while doing my normal routine and it forces my body to burn extra calories. I'm hopeful it will also strengthen my legs. The first couple days I wore it I could definitely feel a little strain, so I'm feeling the extra work. It has a little pocket for an MP3 player, and it has reflectors on front and back so I can wear it even at night when Sara Jean and I start our daily walks when Spring weather comes.

I've been looking at Netbook computers for a while. More tech-savvy than me "nec T" blogged favorably about one I had considered. Then Sara Jean, as always, watching QVC, brought my attention to this one. (No, I got it in white!) It comes with a built in Wifi card, webcam, and a ton of software I'm not sure I'll use. But with FOUR EASY PAYMENTS of $99, how could I not get out my credit card and help my fellow man?!
At the end of the month we're leaving to visit Big Bubba in Mesa for a week. I'll give you a blow-by-blow review of my impressions during that sojourn.

And last, but not least, I let my paranoid side take control of my purse-strings.
It's just insurance mind you, but the old saying, "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!" applies here...

I bought this evil looking thing. Other than a 16-gauge shotgun and a couple .22 rimfire rifles, this is the only long gun I own. In the near future I foresee the purchase of another shotgun and a rifle capable of accuracy at longer ranges, just in case that's necessary.
Tomorrow I'll be stimulating the economy by buying 500 rounds of ammo for the Carbine.

So I'm doin' my part. Now tell us...

What are you doing to help your neighbor economically?


Jeff Bucchino said...

Despite becoming recently unemployed, I just spent a good chunk of change on software to upgrade and add to my skills. As for exercise, as a former long distance runner who's knees are not up to it anymore, and a private pilot who needs to keep his BP down, I hit a treadmill for 30 minutes every night. I watch TV at the same time and it goes by in no time. I don't have to worry about bugs, bitter cold or sweltering heat either. Fly safe!

texasnana said...

We too are doing our part to keep the economy going. After several weeks I convinced my currently unemployed husband to invest in a good elleptical. We bought a gym quality used machine that had barely been used for about 60% off the cost of a new one - I too will happily use it while reading or watching the television. While he likes the gym, I loathe going; enjoy daily walks but it is too dadblanged cold right now.

He is also in the process of starting a distributorship for turf and pest products - has his first order for a truckload of fertilizer - so here's hoping the guy placing the order pays his bill otherwise we will be on the hook for $10K.

So, who needs the government - we are all doing our part!

cj said...


Tonight I added $99 to the till of my heating and cooling company to have a guy come out and light my pilot light on my water heater...

Yes, there is more to the story than that. If you're interested, you can find the tale over at my reading blog (www.cjreading.blogspot.com)