21 February 2009

Every Day Is Groundhog Day

Weather today in Mesa, Arizona-
Sunny and 81 degrees, chance of rain: 0%.
Weather tomorrow-
Sunny and 85 degrees, chance of rain: 0%
Weather Monday-
Sunny and 83 degrees, chance of rain: 0%

When my son comes home, he prays for rain, snow, and clouds.
We all yearn for something different, don't we?


cj said...

You're a lucky man.

It's 10F with the windchill at the moment...


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it greybeard! Snow here today! Have a cold one for me.
John K

Rita said...

I've been to Phoenix for work before. While I absolutely HATE winter, I'm not so sure I would like living in Phoenix. I think I would always be thirsty.

You know what I mean. Like the summers in Indiana when it doesn't rain, all the grass turns brown, dry, dusty, hot and you can't save your flowers unless you water them every night. When you're afraid to water them because your well might go dry.

I know, I would still trade those days for nasty Indiana winters, but I don't think I could live somewhere that is so hot and never rains.

Give me May in Indiana all year long. Well, maybe May in Indiana with an ocean!!!

When I used to work for Bank One, I was on a plane from Phoenix to Houston with a lady from Phoenix. When we were getting close to landing, the lady said, "Oh my gosh, look how pretty and green everything is."

We in Indiana take for granted the green. It's beautiful if all you see if brown.

Come on MAY!!!!!

Epijunky said...

Count me among the freezing.

I'm sitting here typing this out with a large blanket wrapped around me and a space heater at my feet.

Enjoy it... :)

Rita said...

It's almost March and I haven't seen my crocuses yet. They were very late last year also.

I LIVE for the first awakening of the flowers (well, that's an overstatement, I really live for my grandkids' laughter). I planted crocus near the floor-to-ceiling windows so I can see them first thing.

Where are they? Normally they are up in the middle of a snow in February. Anyone seen any yet?

Rain said...

I'm cold as I type this and that warmth sounds pretty good. We have a second home in Tucson and will be there soon to do maintenance as in paint. It will be warmer though at least... I hope. I was there one year though for Easter and it snowed.