15 February 2009

Lies, And Lying Liars

Could you tell this many lies in one minute, fifty seven seconds?
No, of course not. But don't be dismayed.
Remember, this man is an expert!

Thanks CJ!


Rita said...

I'm speechless.

cj said...

GB -

You're welcomed. The dishonesty needs to get out there and we all know the MSM won't be doing their jobs.


the golden horse said...

That was done at "warp" speed I believe.
I had no idea anyone could lie that fast in so little time.
I see where there will be cut backs on new destroyers, putting thousands out of work.
Yeah, he is doing good..........

cj said...

One of the young men who works for my department is thinking about re-enlisting.

He was online yesterday and discovered that, for a former Marine, the re-enlistment bonus is set to drop from $15,000 to $5,000 in a couple of months.

Now that's encouragement.