23 February 2009

Closing Gitmo

I've been trying to find an acquaintance to take the wager... so far I've had no takers.
I was willing to wager the prison at Guantanamo Bay won't be closed this time next year.

A commenter over at Just One Minute argues Obama will close Gitmo the same way so many distressed furniture stores close these days:
One day it is "Guantanamo Bay Prison". The next day Gitmo is gone, opened "Under New Management!" as "The Peaceful Resort on Guantanamo Bay".
Promise kept. Problem resolved.
And since I can easily see this shyster putting that sort of thinking into action, I'm withdrawing my offer of a wager.

"Hope and Change"!
-So far, he's almost as entertaining as Hope and Crosby!

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Hey, I remember Hope and Crosby in "Road to Gitmo"--funny movie.