02 April 2010

The Wisdom of Youth

Breathtaking huh?
This video illustrates what is wrong with the country in SO many ways.
Isolate many of the young people in the video; give them a Civics exam, and you'll find many of them are ignoramuses. (I once had one of them, an Obama supporter of course, leave a comment that Jimmy Carter had established the Federal Reserve Bank!)

To me, one of the most ironic things illuminated here is the wrong-thinking being done by this administration and its supplicants. Bozama campaigned that the country had been terribly damaged by George Bush's "Cowboy" diplomacy...
What we needed most was to work toward being more like Europe... their societies and culture are old and wise. Europe was shunning us because Bush was such an idiot. When elected, President(?) Obama would immediately start to heal all the wounds George Bush had left behind.

So how's that working out now?
-Sarkozy thinks Bozama is a naive buffoon.
-Great Britain (and most older Americans) was/were amazed when the bust of Winston Churchill was returned. Then the Tabloids buzzed with stories of the inappropriate gifts Prime Minister Brown and Queen Elizabeth received from our "Cool!" Chief Executive.
-Copenhagen? HA! (X2).
-Missile Defense in Poland? What we've done there to one of our staunchest allies is a total embarrassment.
We are now a joke in Europe.
My guess is that we certainly COULD HAVE worked to be more like Europe in some ways...
The people of Europe respect wisdom. Wisdom comes with age. Elders in Europe are sought for counsel... revered and respected.
Here in the U.S.?
"Talk with your parents! Tell them a vote for McCain will ruin the country!"

And of course the further irony that all us "older" folks realize?
The joke is on our young people. They will be forced to support the backbreaking economic collapse this "cool, youthful" administration is about to set into motion.

I love a joke that comes as a complete surprise, don't you?

Good grief. I wrote and published this post,
then read
Krauthammer's piece a few hours later. It's obvious why he's a professional writer and I'm a helicopter pilot!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The youth are going to get poleaxed even worse that I will when I want healthcare in about four years.

What happens when there are no more payers for parasites?


The Old Man said...

As you know, the Lovely & Talented Wife is an education professional in the inner city. The abysmal ignorance displayed by the children depicted in the MoveOn claptrap is a direct reflection of the terrible education and poor life-choices made by their parental units. As BZ said, they will bear the terrible weight of the legacy of their belief in the progressive lies.

camerapilot said...

"The surest way to corrupt youth is to instruct him to hold higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently".
- Nietzche

Happy Easter

Ingineer66 said...

The young people are going to have to pay more for health insurance to subsidize the geezers thanks to the wonderful reform package shoved down everyone's throats. Thanks, suckers.