28 April 2010

What A Few Can Do:

Pre-flight planning accomplished.
Pre-flight done.
Pre-start procedure, done.

Open the door... CLEAR! Secure the door.
Turn the key to start. Three hundred sixty cubic inches of engine rumbles to life.
Immediately engage the clutch. Alternator on and warning light out. Check the engine oil pressure... rising.
Maintain RPM below 60% until the clutch light goes out.
Headsets on. Radios on.

Clutch light out...
RPM to 75% until engine oil temp., cylinder head temp. in normal operating range.

All engine instruments "In the green"...
Magnetos check.
Carburetor heat, check.

Governor On.
Throttle increase... Governor takes control of engine at 80% and increases RPM to mid-green range.
Low RPM warning system, check.
Throttle sharply to "flight idle"... check freewheeling clutch by insuring engine and rotor tach. needles "split".
Avionics set as desired.
Cyclic and collective frictions, off.
Throttle increase, RPM in normal operating range.
All caution/warning lights out.

Area clear.

Lift collective. Cyclic and anti-torque pedals... as necessary.
Magic time!


camerapilot said...

That's great!I got one for you.
Being on set-
Set radio to #7.
Head set & radio check.
Shut Elephant Door.
Kill House Lights.
Throw breakers on.
Switch's on Through Boxes.
Lunch Pails and 100 amp. Bates ready to pull.
100 to 60 amp. splitters available.
Stingers ready, 25's & 50's.
Head carts near set.
Jem balls built.
Prac cart full.
Taco cart set.
Off-set's, Jr. & baby ready.
Baby plates & pancakes ready.
Spare set globes on Taco cart.
Noah's Ark heads for quick access.
Kino's built.
Norms pin in my pocket.
C-47's on my pants.
Dimmer switches up.
Work lights out.
Set a 40 light for anyone who needs it.
Run AC for control board and crane.
Clear set.
Monitor headset.

Greybeard said...

Wow Jess...
Lotsa food references there that I'm sure have absolutely NOTHING to do with food, huh?