07 April 2010

Eufaula, Alabama

It is 2:30 A.M. as I type this and I'm at work. Thunderstorms are lurking just over the horizon and I'm beginning to feel comfortable with the idea that I may be done flying for this shift. Good.
'Cause this morning when I leave work I'll rush home, pack a bag, load my Bride and two pups in the car, and head South to Eufaula, Alabama to attend a festival there...
"The Eufaula Pilgrimage".

There are several antebellum homes there overlooking Lake Eufaula that will be open for tours this week during the festival. I'm once again meeting several High School classmates for a mini-reunion there. Some of us will fish the Lake. Some of us will tour the old mansions. Some of us will partake of an adult beverage or two, or three. All will visit, share, and smile.

Work has been hard on my bones lately. I need a little break. I may or may not be able to find an internet connection in Eufaula. If you don't hear from me for a few days it means I'm sleeping, smiling, and recharging.
Until you hear from me next, I wish you well.


Rita said...

Catch (and fry) alot of fish for me. I'll wave at ya as we fly over heading to Fort Myers. Oh yeah, and if my sister makes it, you can practice that "slack your grandma" thing on her since she's a grandma now. Crown n Coke and I will pay ya later.


camerapilot said...

About a thousand years ago along the James river in Virginia our ragtag film army descended upon Westover Plantation just as the Union Army had during the civil war. We occupied the place until we had our fill and then we retreated.
Enjoy your moments out there GB. When we meet up I'll tell you about Westover.
You can see a bit of it online.

Rita said...

Ooops, I meant "smack your grandma" not "slack your grandma". Sometimes I love typos.

cj said...

I agree with Rita - catch and fry a couple for me, too. And maybe hoist an adult beverage or two in the same vein!

Relax and recharge, my friend. We all need it.