29 April 2010

How it COULD Begin-

The image you see above was taken at a rally for illegal immigrants a few months back. Over the next weeks watch to see how many Mexican flags you see and ask yourself, "What country is this? If they want Mexico so badly, why did they come here?"

Some polls show 60% of the population approves of Arizona's new legislation. The approval rating in Arizona, (remember that Phoenix is the #2 kidnap city in the world and now has a violent crime record comparable to New York City, 10 times its size), is a whopping 70%!

Much of the flow of human traffic across the border is drug driven...
If they cannot pay in cash, some of these poor border crossers pay the fee Coyotes demand by smuggling drugs to a designated location. If that traffic begins to be seriously constrained in Arizona, violence could quickly rear its head. (One Arizona rancher has already been killed.)

Seems to me it's just a question of time until someone gets tired of the Federal Government not providing the security it is Constitutionally required to provide its citizens and starts taking things into their own hands.
How long will it be before a real border war starts?
If/when it starts, which side will the Bozama administration support?

As is so often the case, BZ covers the issue better and in more detail.
Worth your time.


camerapilot said...

We are becoming Mexico.
I invite anyone to come with me and walk the streets of downtown Los Angeles, Ca. and then tell me I was exaggerating.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thanks sir.

Whatever Mexico is now, will come north to us unless we literally draw a line and refuse to let this occur.

If you like Mexico now, you'll love it in your back yard.

Camerapilot: take a walk through downtown Fresno. If you can find five white folks or five folks who speak English, I'll be surprised.


Linnnn said...

I don't understand all the hoopla about this...When someone breaks the law, someone must accept the consequences. God knows I do. Two traffic tickets in 6 months and you can bet they'll be coming for me had I not paid them. Seems like illegal entry to the US should get the same attention or more. Especially since it is not soccer moms who are ravaging AZ.