24 April 2010

"It Sounded Like A Freight Train"

Tornadoes all around us. More South and West headed our way.
Tornado victims always say "It sounded like a freight train approaching."
We're half a mile from the (very busy) railroad tracks, so it's hard not to be a little spooked.


camerapilot said...

Interesting analogy.
Earthquakes, at least big ones sound like a freight train coming straight from hell.
Hope you have a cellar or some type of safe room.

Rita said...

Stay safe. Cissy's daughter and SIL were blessed to take shelter in their "bottom" floor tri-level a few years back. When they opened up the lower bathroom door, they could see the sky.

House and everything in it gone EXCEPT for the most important things, their lives. They won the lottery that day.

I've started a few times to post about it, probably time I (or Cissy) gets around to it.

Cissy Apple said...

We had a tornado watch, but thankfully nothing--not even a storm. The weather radio was quiet all night. If you don't have one, please get one.

cary said...

Stay safe, bro! That's one of the things I don't miss about the midwest - that and snow - but there are times I miss the changing of the seasons.

cj said...

Yes, stay safe! And to defend my choice of places to live -

No earthquakes.
No tornadoes.
No flooding.

Just snow and cold which you can avoid by staying inside.