20 April 2010

NASA And The Health Care System

I'm puzzled. Help me.

NASA is too expensive. It's inefficient. It's headed in the wrong direction.
The solution?
Our space program needs to be set free from the bureaucratic restrictions weighing it down. Free market/Private enterprise is the answer! Only with fresh new thinking can our space program be saved!

Health care is too expensive. The system is inefficient. It's headed in the wrong direction.
The solution?
More government regulation needs to be applied! The free market system has failed us. We need more rules to insure everyone gets equal access to health care. Bureaucrats are better able to make decisions to improve our health care system!

I think the Bozama administration may be Bipolar.


cj said...

Now, now, GB. You're not supposed to notice things like that!


Linnnn said...

ka-BOOM! You just exposed a very interesting juxtapositioning...hmmmm!

camerapilot said...

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
The great and powerful Obama has spoken.

CG said...

Still haven't found your non-stupid button yet?

NASA practically *defines* discretionary - isn't it amazing to find so many "small government conservatives" rallying around *NASA*, of all institutions? Your hatred for the black guy in office is totally clouding your judgement, but what else is new?

Oh, and I guess health is just as discretionary as sending a couple of guys to the moon.

camerapilot said...

Ah there it is CG/Anonymous, "black guy" phrase in your email.....
Seems you have a color palate, interesting.
The actions of "our" President stand not on pigment. Would be easy to take the short road with you but many of us have been there, leads to blindness, deafness. Let's have a dialogue, a pow-wow so to speak.

Greybeard said...

Racist? Well, I'm bein' called that enough lately the sting is almost completely gone from that strong phrase.

Bible clinging? Absolutely.

Gun clinging? You betcha! Just bought another yesterday as a matter of fact.

Domestic terrorist? Yeah, I'm a VN Veteran so Nappy Janet thinks so.

Hatred for the half-white guy?
I've often said I have no experience snorting cocaine and would need expert help to do that. If/when I decide to do it I'd be delighted to have Bozama show me how!

Thanks for your input.

the golden horse said...

How soon they forget that Obama (the half white Prez) wouldn't have been elected if the white people hadn't voted for him also.

The far left have worn out the racist and the tea bagger mantras. Time for some new accusations.
But they should be very aware, the Conservatives going to these meetings should never, never be underestimated.

I think all the people were willing to take this man at his word, only his word had double meanings. He speaks with a forked tongue.

I personally don't care if he is green or blue or orange. The path he is taking this country is grounds for a recall election on the grounds of mismanagement.
I would say the same for any of the last several Presidents.
When you trample on our Constitution, it is time for you to leave.