04 April 2010

My Blessing To You On This Day:



ddf said...

I don't go very often anymore, but we're empty nesters now and I didn't want her to have to go alone. So I got up before the sun to get my self ready, grumpy. I came downstairs to make a pot of coffee while I waited, went out for the newspaper, grouchy. I read "Drudge", angry.

...and then this. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.

cj said...

"He's alive. I'm forgiven."

You know, my friend, they may damage, destroy, change almost everything but they will never, ever be able to change that.

We are all truly blessed. Thank you very much for the reminder.


cary said...

Pastor and his sister act this out for the group every Easter.

Other parts of the service may change, but this - always.

He is Risen! Blessings on you and yours, GB.