15 March 2010

Yogi's Vet. Visit

Why would anyone schedule an appointment with anyone at 0830 hours? And on Monday! I certainly wouldn't. I barely had time to grab my first cuppa going out the door, which was interesting 'cause my other hand was occupied with a squirming Yogi. The Veterinarian's office is all the way on the other side of town, so I was out the door at 0820 and still made it in time to finish my coffee before going into the exam room.

We inherited the appointment time when we inherited the pup.
I could have changed the time, but walking in with Yogi at his appointed time meant his paperwork would likely be there waiting on him. Since we would have to deal with an "ownership change" this morning, I figured it would be less confusing to keep the appointment.

Yogi's not yet old enough to realize he needs to get the shivers when we walk into the Vet's office. He was his normal self, all curious and wiggles. The Vet's assistant weighed him and asked about the diarrhea problem. I told her I thought it was under control and asked for a reminder about what a puppy's stool should look like. She agreed from my description that his stool was probably normal. The scale indicated he now weighs 5 pounds 7 ounces... an increase of 7 ounces since his last visit. We're on the right track.

The Vet came in and did a good exam... joints, extremities, eyes, ears... all normal.
We discussed starting him on his heartworm medication... he's old enough to start now. Yogi got a booster shot... DPHD? Then he got his Rabies shot. He yelped and struggled a little at both, and will probably know to get a good case of the shivers the next time we get within a block of the Vet's office.

I mentioned I had read an article about neutering at a very young age. The Vet said it's a good idea to do it around 5-6 months, before the pup reaches puberty. This virtually eliminates the tendency of male dogs to mark their territory.
We scheduled Yogi's neutering procedure for next month, just before he turns six months of age.

We were alone when we got back out into the main room of the office, so I set Yogi on the floor. He immediately scampered over into one corner and proceeded to give the Vet a stool sample... a REALLY good one! When the assistant came back I asked for towels to clean it up and she said "Oh no, this happens all the time. I'll take care of it." And when she came back she had the Doc in tow... he looked at the sample and declared it perfectly normal before she toweled it up and then mopped that section of the floor. Then she gave me Yogi's Rabies tag and the associated paperwork. Then came the bill. It was less than I had imagined it would be. Yay!

So we have a delightful perfectly healthy puppy who is now gaining weight. He has completed all his puppy shots. We're scheduled to take care of that "Macho" thing next month.

All is well with Lucy, AND Yogi.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Been there, done that, just last week. Had to take the brand new 5-year-old Fox Terrier to the vet for a checkup, etc. He was one massive puddle of wriggle and motion. And yes, at Zero Dark Thirty in the morning. Sheesh.


cj said...

Sounds great! I love the way you described him - all curious and wiggles. That's perfect.

One down side of neutering young? He'll stay puppish for a very long time!


cary said...

I'll bet after his "me time" in the corner he lost a good portion of the seven ounces ...


denicave said...

HA - what caught my attention is the fact that your appointment was at 8:30 and in order to get ALL THE WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN you had to leave your place at 8:20!! I cannot think of anywhere in this large Texas town that would only take 10 minutes to get to. BTW - Yogi sounds wonderful :>)