22 March 2010

The Day After, A Question-

What sort of person will now be attracted to medicine?


cj said...

Not nearly enough.


the golden horse said...

Great question GB.

The people that heard free medical care, can't get past the Free word. It is all self serving on their part. They are unable to ask if this is good for my country. It is the me syndrome.
Folks, if it sounds too good to be true, guess what? It is.

I did find several Repubs, that stepped up to the podium and had great speeches. I see some future leadership in the making.
I really liked Paul Ryan from Wisc. but Dr. Roe, Mr. Camp, Cantor, Pence, McCarthy, Rodgers, Capito stood out and then you can't forget Boehner.

Anonymous said...

I am completely disappointed in our leaders. I never thought our country would be like this. I agree with you GH...it's the FREE word that people like. Why do people think they deserve things they can't pay for themselves?


camerapilot said...

The same that have lived wrapped in the arms of welfare for generations; The same who put value in a big screen TV rather than books or health insurance; The same who rather have a 40 ouncer after their menial job instead of enrolling at a local night school to better themselves; Single unwed mothers who never thought twice about the future.........
Yeah, bring it on. Climb on our backs and we'll carry you across the river to the promised land.
Thank you Obama.

Greybeard said...

My fear?
It relates to what CJ hinted.
Up 'til now, the "best and brightest" have been attracted to medicine. One of them comes here to comment frequently. I/You may not agree with him politically, but I think we can all see ourselves at his age in his comments. He needs to "season" in order to see through our eyes. He'll get there... now maybe a little quicker than he would have before this "man-made disaster" was signed into law.

And what about now? If you were really bright, would you be attracted to a future in medicine? Some bureaucrat with the intelligence of say, Joe Biden is gonna be looking over your shoulder, second guessing, telling you what you can and cannot do...
What the government health care plan will and will not pay for.
I don't know about you, but up front, I know that would tempt me to cause my fist to meet "Joe's" nose if I were a Doc trying to alleviate suffering.

No, I think CJ is correct...
I think the numbers of really bright people entering the field will dwindle. Those that are attracted to medicine will be attracted for different reasons... a secure, regular (if substantially lower) paycheck. There will still be dedicated idiots attracted to the job... (for an example, take a look at folks wanting a career flying helicopters!)
The result of these changes?
Getting health care with a lower number of Docs will be more difficult. Costs will rise while quality of care suffers, as will the health of the Nation as a whole.

Elections have consequences.
Boy, am I sorry that's true.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The New England Journal of Medicine -- OBVIOUSLY a Right Wing Organ of the GOP -- indicated meanwhile, nearly one-third of physicians responding to the survey indicated that they will want to leave medical practice after health reform is implemented.


the golden horse said...

This could all be sorted out in a very simplistic manner.
Bring back the jobs and industry.
then people can buy their own insurance.
For those that can't get the higher paying jobs, let them pay on a sliding scale. At least they would have the chance of learning some pride.
To take away from those that worked their way through the system, usually being on a job for 90 days to earn their heathcare, and then giving to those that haven't paid a dime into HC is not right. Not to mention the IRS will now fine us for not having insurance.
I do feel for the insurance companies. They raise their prices in reaction to what is going on in the markets. ie, the attorneys and lack of TORT, the Unions, and the Big Pharma that gets a pass on this. Notice their silence while someone else is doing their fighting for them?
The insurance companies are operating with a 3.4% profit margin. I don't call that outlandish. They rank 88th in industry.
Now we are going to lose the best Drs. in the world bar none, to a system that will eventually bring us all to our knees.
Now is the time for some very strong leadership.
I am very happy with my HC and I don't wish to give it to those that are undeserving.

Crown-n-coke said...

Well, look on the bright side, maybe we can skip down to Mexico and get heart operations and cancer treatment. Hope and Change huh? I thing Hoax and Chains is more like it. I have a buddy who's a doctor he is sick of obama and the AMA sell outs!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Further, when 50% of the people pay 97% of the taxes, and the other half of the nation only pays 3% -- is it any wonder that a FULL FIFTY PER-CENT OF THE NATION wants more and MORE of "FREE" -- ?

When half of the nation doesn't feel the fiscal bite, they couldn't care less; they'll vote for MORE MORE MORE.