14 March 2010

Greetings From The Census People!

"Dear Resident:

About one week from now, you will receive a 2010 Census form in the mail. When you receive your form, please fill it out and mail it in promptly."

Couldn't they also have sent me a letter to warn me the letter to warn me that the census form would soon be arriving? Certainly this is one way to "save" a bunch of jobs, but at what cost?
One sheet of paper. One envelope. The cost for the mail carrier to deliver it...
Gosh, now I can hardly wait for that 2010 Census form to arrive...
It's like Christmas in March!


jinksto said...

UGGHHH... I hate the census commercials. "make sure you fill out the census so that you get everything coming to you!" ... NOTHING IS COMING TO YOU!

Rita said...

When I got the same stupid pre-Census letter I was livid. How much did that stupid letter cost us to tell us that another mailing will arrive with the Census.

Just imagine what health care will be like with these idiots taking it over.

cj said...

Jinksto -

But, but... they told me it was!!

This entire census has become nothing more than a fiasco this time around.


the golden horse said...

Like we didn't know this happens each and every 10 years. Duh.
Like we have the money to spend for this unnessary spending.
They are going to give all the perks to illegals anyways. What does it matter what we write down.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Jinksto: sure, something is coming for you. A white-hot piece of burning rebar up your exhaust chute, courtesy of your federal government.

Census? Huh. I saw it somewhere. Can't remember where I round-filed it. Hmmmm. . .