20 March 2010

It Begins.... Sunday?

I've hoped it wouldn't come to this.
I continue to pray it can be avoided.
But some already think it's time to get started.
(You MUST read the comments there.)

"Give me liberty or give me death."
How bad do things have to get before you'll resist this tyranny?
(And it IS tyranny!)

Hope for the best.
Prepare for the worst.


the golden horse said...

I am beginning to hear the death march and it saddens me deeply.

But I sent my faxes just the same.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I spent an entire day this week calling and e-mailing.

Wish I could say I don't think they'll get the votes. In reality, I think they'll get the votes. Too much corruption, bribery and threats.


camerapilot said...

I was taught to fly the plane all the way down. Don't ever give up, don't ever let up.

the golden horse said...

Do you think this President is really wanting to incite violence in the streets so that he may enforce Marshall Law?

Will our military really follow him to the end against their own people?

Will there be a military coup?

Things to think about. I don't think the people will take this sitting down.

This was a plan in the making for many years and they have just about succeeded.

Flightfire said...

It saddens me to see you advocating violence Greybeard. I understand you're angry, but posting a link to a website that advocates violence against elected representatives or anyone else for that matter is morally wrong.

"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary, the evil it does is permanent." Ghandi.

Greybeard said...

Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, and our Founding Fathers-
I know it saddened them to advocate violence too. But thank GOD they did...
There comes a point where you finally have to realize others don't have your best interest at heart. In fact, many of our problems today could be resolved if so many weren't ready to roll over and play dead in order to maintain "peace". That's why the country is now asking our great-great grandchildren to pay our bills, isn't it?

I'm still hopeful the legal entanglements will stalemate this horrible bill until someone with sense realizes it's truly tearing the country apart.
Bit by bit, how much freedom are you willing to lose?

cary said...

A wise man said (sorry, can't remember details): Peace is two people respecting each other, not imposing their wills on one another.

Since the left is imposing their will, I wouldn't consider this a peaceful interaction by any stretch of the imagination. The conservatives of this country have allowed the leftists and progressives to push their agenda for much too long. It's time to push back. Violence is the last resort, but it is an option.

Anyone who has fought in any battle will be among the last to advocate civil war. However, if that's the only way this country regains control of itself, then so be it.

Most members of the military will remember their oath, and defend the constitution and this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I see a great and trying time ahead for this country, I pray that it does not involve bloodshed. If it comes down to it, though, I can deal with bloodshed better than not being represented by the buffoons we have on Capitol Hill.

The original Tea Party was all about taxation without representation. This current taxation WITH "representation" ain't any better.

Greybeard said...

I'm sorry Cary, do you feel your wishes are being represented by this bunch of corrupt thugs? When 60+ percent of the people say "Vote No" and our "representatives" pass the bill anyway, how are we being represented? I think the analogy to the Colonies and Great Britain holds up quite well.

I too am fearful. I AM NOT advocating violence, but I AM a realist. I posted the link above as a caution...
Anyone remembering the way WWI started will know you don't strike matches while standing on a tinderbox.
Nancy Pelosi is striking matches while marching with her gavel, smiling like the fool she is. When the trouble starts, as in WWI, we'll all be FORCED to take a side.
It MAY start soon.
Be prepared.

cary said...

do you feel your wishes are being represented by this bunch of corrupt thugs?

Hail, NO!

Pastor, my "representative", has told me he doesn't want to hear from me anymore, since I obviously don't understand what he's trying to accomplish. My last letter to him asked, "How do you know how I feel, if you don't want to hear from the people you supposedly "represent"?"

Oddly enough, I got no answer.

I do keep this in mind, though - no matter what happens, tomorrow morning God will still be on His throne and the story ain't over yet.

camerapilot said...

We crashed and burned today. So many fellow American fools believe in what went down today.
The death of the middle class happened March 21, 2010, 321. Let that be our new 911.
So much to lose,no one went into the streets. You have become sheep.

Flightfire said...


You're linking to this site and giving it credence is morally wrong. People's lives and families are being threatened, people are being shot at, their houses and places of work are being vandalized. People of character should stand up to the use of violence for political gain.

You are really angry with this bill. We get it. The way to change your situation is the way you started out. Encourage people to overturn it. Encourage people to elect representatives who will overturn it. That's how our system works.

Once you advocate violence (it doens't get much more violent than shooting at someone) you have crossed a moral, ethical, and legal line.

I have the utmost respect for you and your opinions, and I come here so I can keep track of what people on the other side of the issues are feeling and saying. But this is going way too far and people of conscience have to stand up to it. I hope you can see that, and I hope you will remove this offensive link.

Greybeard said...

Once again, reading comprehension, FlightFire.
Thanks for your opinion.
Thanks for your respect.
Be prepared.
Folks are REALLY pissed.