02 March 2010

Frownie Faces

I know it's partly because I've lost a ton of brain cells and thinking is not quite so quick/efficient as it once was, but I can't help but feel some of it is because there is more going on in my life than ever... more to try to schedule, compartmentalize, and remember. I have found myself, more and more, forgetting to do something relatively important. So I make myself notes... little checklists, to try and avoid slapping my palm against my forehead while exclaiming "Dog-gonit, I forgot that!"

Today's checklist says-
Green Beans
Frozen Broccoli
Frozen Cauliflower
Margarita Mix

Our Wal-Mart SuperCenter is all the way across town-
Three stop signs and two traffic lights away, even during "rush hour" it takes all of five minutes to drive there. Lucy likes to go "Bye-bye in the car", and stands on my lap looking out the driver's side window, navigating. It's chilly but not cold, so she can curl up in her "Blankey" the short time I'll be shopping.
I park, grab a lonely looking shopping cart sitting by itself near my parking space, and start my walk into the store.

On these outings I've begun my own un-scientific study:
On the way to the front door I take a deep breath, stand up straight as I can, put a smile on my face, and start watching others.
As I said, it's a chilly day, overcast, with a slight breeze making it actually feel colder than the temperature. Still, Spring is just around the corner isn't it? Isn't that reason enough to celebrate?

But all I see are frowns. Who knows what is going on in the lives of others, but surely not all these frowns indicate serious trouble in the lives of those wearing them, right? Maybe I'm mis-reading the faces... maybe what I'm seeing is determination. Or maybe that serious look is because the wearer is contemplating their own "internal checklist"? I try to smile and say "Hello" to all who make eye contact with me. Some respond with "Hello" in return. Many simply nod. Now and then I'll run into someone I know, and only then will faces break into smiles.

Try it yourself and see if you get the same results.
Life's too short to walk around with a continual frown.
It's almost Spring...
Let's plant a few smiles and see if we can get a good crop of 'em growing!


cj said...

I like that idea. People today are too weighed down, too caught up within themselves. We need to rely on each other more.

Another problem I see? The lack of common manners. Holding doors, waiting your turn, saying please and thank you...

A smile, a pleasant greeting, and a polite thank you are not all that hard. We do need to spread the cheer and hope around.


Terry said...

You are so right. I love to people watch.
As A Police Officer I love to say hello. Since no one wants to look at you in uniform. You have to get them to look at you. No better way than to say hello. Puts them on the spot.
They get the feeling if they say Hello back, He (Police) will leave me alone. If I dont he will think I did something wrong and confront me.

Hello brings a smile to my face waiting for the reaction.

Greybeard said...

Chief, I can just see that Devilish grin in anticipation of "the decision" to be made!
Thanks man... your comment made me smile.