25 March 2010

A Gift From God

Yeah, that's Yogi.
Given to us because he had diarrhea and terrible gas and the previous owner couldn't handle the stress that came with overcoming those problems, we're now two weeks into his ownership of us. The diarrhea is gone. The gas? Well, he takes after his old man. It's much improved, but he still shocks us with an odor, then lifts his head from a nap as if to say, "Alright! Who cut the cheese?!!"
Ya can't help but guffaw.

Lucy was a street find.
Yogi was given to us in desperation.
I have never had any doubt all things happen for a reason.
Yogi just reinforces that belief.


cj said...

This whole story is something special, GB.

Life rewards us in the strangest of ways, doesn't it?


Cissy Apple said...

What a cutie! If I can put up with Leroy's gas all these years, Yogi wouldn't bother me a bit. We used to have a large dog, Rebel, who would lay under our kitchen table while we were eating, then "cut a stinky one". The gas-passing was immediately followed by tail-wagging so as to disperse the putrid smell throughout the kitchen; which if you think about it, is what humans do too. Fan it out so others may enjoy.

camerapilot said...

Dogs find us when we are ready. It is wise to succumb.